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Niagara Catholic District School Board secondary schools recognize the benefit of cocurricular involvement and encourage all students to participate in at least one activity. The activity, however, must never be an excuse for unauthorized absences from class or from fulfilling academic requirements.


All students participating in athletics or any other co-curricular activity must meet the criteria for academic standing, attendance and behaviour. Students must take a minimum of 3 credit courses to be eligible for interschool athletics during a semester. All students participating in any activity must meet all ZONE, SOSSA and OFSAA regulations.

Students who have failed one or more credits in the last formal reporting period will be placed on immediate eligibility probation. Academic standing in the current semester will be reviewed at the early warning and mid-term reports. Academic reviews can also be
initiated by a classroom teacher, coach or administrator at any time.


Attendance is one of the keys to academic success. In order to practice or participate in a co-curricular activity, a student must attend and be punctual in all classes. If you are too ill to attend classes, you are too ill to participate. Students not in full attendance at classes will be barred from participation.


Definition: One who is an athlete/participant is considered under the circumstances that one is committed to athletic and or club activity. Each is expected to compete and participate to the best of his or her capability.

Representing Niagara Catholic District School Board Secondary Schools is an honour and a privilege. Students are expected to behave in a manner that follows the guidelines of our school’s Code of Conduct. The coaches support a zero tolerance policy with regard to the use of drugs, alcohol, etc.


  • FAIR PLAY is every participant’s top priority on and off the field/area. Please see our Fair Play policy posted in the gymnasium. This policy will be followed by all home and away events.
  • Play and participate for the love and enjoyment of the activity.
  • Respect the efforts and accomplishments of both your teammates and opponents.
  • Respect team officials, coaches, spectators and event organizers.
  • Respect the facility in which you visit, play, perform and participate in.
  • Respect the rules and objective of the game and or activity.
  • During a sporting tournament or other school-sanctioned event, drugs and alcohol will not be tolerated. All code of conduct rules will apply.
  • Player or participant cannot miss class on the day of an event. Must report to all classes prior to dismissal for that day.
  • Player or participant cannot miss practice on a regular basis if he/she wants to play.

* In the event of a participant quitting the co-curricular program, they will be referred to their coach to discuss the reason as to why the participant quit.

Reasons are as follows:

  1. Participant quits to play another sport (not acceptable – the principal has the final say)
  2. Participant quits for personal reasons
  3. Participant quits because of lack of playing time.
  4. Academic failures (more than two) … may not be referred.

If a participant is removed from a team or duly consequenced by a coach, that player will be removed from the team or club. A 24 hour cooling off period will be enforced until the panel has heard from all sides. Parents shall not contact the teacher/coach before this period. Participant may be banned indefinitely depending on the severity of the situation.


  • Parents are to follow the Fair Play policy that is posted in all the gyms. Any parent that does not obey these rules will be asked to leave.
  • Parents of athletes are asked to support their son or daughter while they are participating.
  • Parents should continue to support their children with their sport or activity.
  • Parents should let the coaches coach their children; leave the coaching duties up to the teacher/coach/moderator.
  • Parents should not encourage inappropriate behaviour or exclusion towards others who do not receive as much playing time.
  • Parents are asked to take the 24hrs cooling off period before approaching a coach/moderator regarding any issue.

Please remember: the coach is a teacher first and a volunteer coach second.


All students participating in athletics or any other co-curricular activity must meet the following criteria for academic standing, attendance, and behavior.

  • A student must be a full-time student in order to participate in any co-curricular program.
  • Full-time status is defined as a minimum load of 3 courses per semester, unless a student has accumulated 28 credits. If a student has failed two or more credits in the last formal reporting period the student’s eligibility will be reviewed by the school
  • If a student has failed one credit, the student is eligible but should be placed on probation with the understanding that the coach/moderator and teacher will closely monitor him /her.
  • A student must have an acceptable attendance record, be punctual for all classes, and work to their academic potential. Students who are absent for part of, or an entire day, will not be allowed to take part in any co-curricular activities or events associated with the school unless satisfactory verification is received prior to the event or activity that day. A student may be asked to withdraw from a team or club if the above requirements are not met.

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