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School History

Founded in 1982, Saint Paul High School continues to offer an education which enriches the lives of its students and forms young
people who are sure of themselves, honest and responsible in their relationships with others and sincere in their relationship with
God. the school is staffed by a dedicated lay staff as well as members of the Holy Cross Fathers and Sisters.

Saint Paul High School satisfies all regulations set down by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, as outlined in the Education
Act and other pertinent documents. All courses offered at this school have been developed to meet expectations and are offered at
different levels of difficulty, as required by the Ministry of Education.

While at Saint Paul, students are strongly urged to seek the advice and assistance of the Guidance counselors, as well as other
teachers, when selecting particular courses. The final responsibility for choosing courses, however, does rest with the parents.
An established tradition at Saint Paul requires that students wear a specific school uniform during the school day. The information
about the uniform and where it is to be purchased is provided to all incoming students.

There is a strong Catholic tradition which permeates all activities at the school. While formal classes in Religious studies are a
requirement for all students attending Saint Paul, it is through the liturgical celebrations and active participation in social justice
projects that the faith of the school community members is constantly renewed.

The students at Saint Paul are afforded many opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities, be they athletic or cultural.
There is a team or club activity, at either the varsity or intramural level that can respond to the interest of almost every individual.
We are proud of our students at Saint Paul. Each student brings his or her gifts of family, cultural heritage and personal
experience to the school community. In this context our students learn that all people have common interests and hope to share
the same desire for love and acceptance. Our foundation rests on a love of God and neighbour.

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